Bits of inspiration that would otherwise be forgotten.


Today’s listening. Nice cover as well.

Definitely deserves a post.

A Bristol creative event later this month. Speed dating for NT…


Where we run: maps of cities using public running data

Nathan Yau of FlowingData has used data from public workouts posted on RunKeeper to create maps of where people run in big cities. The results are perhaps unsurprising – parks and river routes are popular – but at the same time, rather beautiful. See more



A really useful, beautifully designed tool for mobile prototyping.

Introducing: Ronald Clyne and his work for Folkways Records

An interactive timeline of the National Theatre’s first 50 years, focusing on 50 seminal productions

Beautiful photography with hundreds of full screen performance and rehearsal images. Video interviews. Costume and set designs. Audio features. Original programme articles.

Beautiful typography making use of in browser parallax scrolling.

Nice little site for a book on Wes Anderson

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